C4 Africa


Welcome to the new and updated C4 Africa site.

It is good to see that you have made it through to our blog page. This is the most exciting new development for us. The blog will allow us to pass on relevant and interesting information in a format that is easily accessible for all our clients and anyone else that is interested in keeping their finger on the pulse. The blog will have pieces on farming principles, management techniques, disease conditions and control, nutrition issues and feedback from conferences that we attend around South Africa and the World.

We have also created Facebook and Twitter accounts to make it even easier for you to keep in touch and abreast of the group’s activities. They will let you know when new posts have been blogged on the website, and keep you up to date in a more informal manner.

As C4 Africa we are excited to be able to bring you this tool which we hope will be able to add value to your business. Feel free to give us feedback so that we can make the content as useful as possible. Also tell us what you would like to read about on the blog. If you want us to write a piece on winter brooding, tell us and we’ll make it happen. Your comments aren’t only useful to us but can stimulate interesting discussion between yourself and other producers.

As for this week in particular, it promises to be an interesting one. Sean and Chris will be investigating a new software program for layer management on Tuesday afternoon. Of course this week is also AviAfrica and Neil and Sean will be attending on Wednesday. Keep an eye on the blog and social media to see how it all goes.

So read the blog, like the Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. We look forward to interacting with you and keeping you up to date and well informed.