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** UPDATE** HPAI – H5 N8 (High Pathogenic Avian Influenza) break in Zimbabwe

HPAI – H5 N8 (High Pathogenic Avian Influenza) break in Zimbabwe

** UPDATE ***

Considering the communication issued on 8 June 2017 and the meeting held between the poultry veterinary group, DAFF and industry leaders held on 9 June 2017.

  • The authorities are of the opinion that H5N8 is already present in the South African wildbird population, more specifically ducks and backyard farming operations. As a result, we are on high alert.
  • All open waters must be considered high risk and use of such waters for use within the poultry industry either for washing or drinking must only be considered after effective treatment of such waters.
  • All personnel working at a commercial poultry operation must be devoid of contact with live poultry outside of their own operation.
  • A reminder that the state requires Bi-annual testing of flocks via bloods tests. This must be strictly adhered to. The minimum required testing being 29 samples representing a single biological unit. Further control measures are under consideration and all clients will be advised accordingly.
  • These samples are to be sent to the nearest state veterinarian. C4 Africa is able and willing to assist if needed.
  • Clients are reminded that if an increase in mortality is noted, that such incidents should be reported immediately to both the state veterinarian and the consulting veterinarian for postmortem and testing.
  • It was stressed that Biosecurity remains the primary method of control coupled with risk management and vigilance of personnel and protocols.
  • Should any further information be released we shall inform you as soon as possible.