C4 Africa

Dr. James Roxburgh

ames started his tertiary education at the University of Pretoria while pursuing a degree in Ecology/Zoology. He continued his studies by enrolling for Honours and Masters degrees in Wildlife Management. Following this, he then enrolled for a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria’s Onderstepoort Campus where he graduated in 2013. 

After graduating he pursued his passion for wildlife work by starting and owning a private wildlife specialization practice, Brazen Wildlife Services, operating in the North West Province. 

James Roxburgh

After 6 years of wildlife work, James followed his other passion for intensive animal production by joining C4 Africa Professional Consultants in 2019. He has a keen interest poultry, ruminants and livestock production.  Since joining the C4 Africa team, James has worked extensively into Africa with broilers, breeders and layers. He is also involved in C4 Africa’s ruminant consulting (feedlot and dairy cattle). 

He has a sound knowledge of disease risk management and diagnostics and is an asset to our team.  

Brazen Wildlife Services is still active in association with C4 Africa, where James offers unrivalled knowledge and expertise to the game and wildlife industry. 

James’s enthusiasm and energetic approach to life brings a new dimension to the C4 Africa team. He enjoys adventure sports and socializing with friends, family and colleagues.